Terms and Conditions


We hunt at Hartebeest Kraal and nearby concessions. Accommodation, subject to lockdown,  is available for ‘culling’ which can be provided. 

  • Minimum of 4 – 6 hunters for any overnight reservation (min. 2 hunters for day trips).
  • Indemnity forms to be completed and signed by each person on arrival.
  • No hunter will be allowed without a PH or Field Guide.
  • All rifles to be calibrated before hunting.
  • Safety of firearms to be adhered to at all times.
  • Hunter takes full responsibility for what he/she shoots. (Species, gender, size, etc.)
  • Rifles to be fitted with silencers.
  • Missed shots or wounded wild must be reported to the guides immediately.
  • Full price will be charged for wounded wild: Any sign that an animal is hit, whether through hair, pieces of horn, blood or any clarifying evidence to be found, will be deemed sufficient in classifying the animal as wounded.
  • The hunter is responsible for the transport and packing of his/her meat. We offer skinning at additional costs between R200 – R300 (size of animal)
  • No meat is to be removed until the full amount of the day trip/overnight has been paid in full.
  • Firewood is available at an additional cost of R25 per bundle (10 piece/bundle)
  • Firelights additional cost of R20 / box 
  • The water is not drinkable. We will supply the first 10 litres, the rest will be for the guest to supply.

Conditions of visit

These provisions are important and you should read them and ensure that you understand what they mean. If you do not understand anything contained in these provisions, please speak to a hotel manager, who will explain them to you and answer any questions that you may have.

All guests must have a valid Hartebeest Kraal booking number issued by the Head Office reservations office.

  • All guests are subject to a security check-in on arrival. In the immediate post-lockdown period this may include a Covid19 pre-entry screening.
  • All guests must sign an indemnity form at the security checkpoint before entry onto Hartebeest Kraal.
  • Unpaid accounts are subject to interest. Interest and collection fees and costs may be charged at maximum legally allowable rates on overdue accounts.
  • Any damages to rooms or hotel property and any outstanding payments due may be deducted from the guests credit card we have pre-authorised.
  • Accommodation is provided on a cash basis. Your account must therefore be settled in full on arrival. You are responsible for payment for the full period reserved, even if your stay is cut short for any reason whatsoever. In the event of the account not being settled for any reason whatsoever, you hereby hold yourself personally responsible for all costs of whatsoever nature relating to your accommodation at the hotel. You also agree to pay all legal fees incurred as a result of failure to pay your account when it’s due for payment.
  • No animals can be brought onto the premises.
  • Hartebeest Kraal is a self-catering venue.
  • Kitchen and rooms are fully equipped.
  • All rooms and facilities are non-smoking. You will be liable for a fine if you are found smoking in any non-smoking area on the premises.
  • All vehicles are parked on the premises at your own risk.


Hartebeest Kraal has the right to request deposits in advance to secure your stay. In the event that you cancel any reservation, we will be entitled to charge a reasonable cancellation fee, the amount of which will be dependent upon the length of notice of cancellation provided by you – as well as our ability to secure alternative guests for the room reserved for you.

Cancellation (and exceptions), Refunds and Problems

Guests making travel and booking arrangements with Hartebeest Kraal must have their own personal or business travel insurance to support any cancellation or curtailment of their booking.

  • No Verbal cancellations will be accepted. Only written cancellations will be accepted. Please ensure that you receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation from reservations via info@hartebeestkraal.com.
  • No refunds for late check-in / arrival or early check-out.
  • No refunds for services not used while at Hartebeest Kraal.
  • Hartebeest Kraal reserves the right to charge:
    • 30% cancellation fee on the total booking if cancelled 44 days to 30 days prior to arrival.
    • 50% cancellation fee on the total booking if cancelled 30 days to 22 days prior to arrival.
    • 100% cancellation fee on the total booking if cancelled 21 days or less prior to arrival.


The use of Hartebeest Kraal is entirely at your own risk and you assume full responsibility for any risk or loss to person or property resulting from your stay at Hartebeest Kraal and our use of the premises and the facilities. All entry is subject to acknowledgement and signature of the Hartebeest Kraal indemnity form.